Sunday, February 6, 2011

Militarism and climate change

Takes a lot of energy to run a military = a lot of green house gases. Empires have always been associated with environmental damage, back to the deforestation by Rome to build there ships. Interesting piece here thank links the huge American military to environmental degredation. A reminder that the Prince of Peace comes to bring shalom - which means and end to all wars and rest for the earth.


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  2. The prince of peace? "Do not think that I came to bring peace to the earth. I didn't come to bring peace. I came to bring a sword."
    He brings peace to our hearts between us & the Father...because we were His enemies.

    I bet your grandparents were happy that we had a military when Japan was on its way to kill & rape & take our country. Pull your head in mate.....

    Our effects are dismal.
    Clouds are green house gases, oh no lets get rid of rain.....

  3. Dude, again poor rhetoric. For the record I believe in just war theory, I just don't believe many wars are just - including what is currently happening in the middle east, but I leave that to some of my peace activist friends. I think the stats presented in the article stand.

    Jesus IS described as the Prince of Peace, though yes the gospel divides. Do you expect the New Heavens and New Earth to be a blood bath or a realm of shalom? How does that shape the way you live now?

    Oh and I won't pull my head in, and it appears I am not your mate.

    Error in your statements, clouds are NOT greenhouse gases. Cloud can either act to warm or cool climate depending on their height, composition of cloud droplet size, etc. Water VAPOUR is a green house gas, tough given the amount of it in the atmosphere depends on the temperature, which is controlled by solar output and other GHGs like CO2 etc it is better described as a feedback.

    Get your basic science right then make comments OC3.