Sunday, October 26, 2014

Talking climate change on Christian radio

Recently, I had the chance to speak on the 20Twenty program on Vision Radio (audio file here) climate change. It was an interesting experience as a few callers were sceptical. As I often find though, there are some fundamental misunderstandings of the science. Everyone was courteous and obviously committed to their faith.

Who I was speaking to shaped how I approached things. At one point, I used the story in Numbers 22, where God speaks to the prophet Balaam through a donkey. I was not comparing Greens to donkeys, but trying to make the point to conservative Christians that those who tell us we should be doing a better job of looking after the Earth can be anyone. Later, I said we should be thankful to these people. All differences on other issues aside, on climate change, we owe the Greens and conservation groups a debt of gratitude.