Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big coal = big bully

Excellent piece by Clive Hamilton here. Of course the obvious retort is that light bulbs don't run on good intentions, but when we should be moving (and quickly) to cleaner sources of energy, letting corporations run all over free speech and crushing the little person is anti-democracy.


  1. Hey buddy we are not all big corporations.... we are the little people also, you know the ones who havent been brainwashed by Al Gore, Bob Brown, & Flannery....mind you they are all people with vested interest & making a packet out their hysteria. Oh no the sky is falling......Maybe you need to read some of the polls.

  2. Brainwash? Seriously, argue on here but avoid the rhetotic that polarises. Ok so the post itself might seem polarising, but then it wasn't aimed at 'the little people.

    I'd have thought a good many of us warmists have little to gain out of 'hysteria' other than being labeled by people who hold your views.