Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's links summary

I suspect this may end up being Saturday sometimes, but here are a few links to check out

How to talk to climate skeptics - a short list of must dos that are worth considering if you want to engage those who are skeptical

Artistic ugliness - photographs of environmental devastation. Hard to look at but closing our eyes is no option.

Canberra University bans the sale of bottled water - a good decision given we have good quality water in this country (still), plastics are unhealthy to drink out of and the oceans and land fill sites are filled with plastic.

Biodiversity loss & researcher loss - nice piece on Wired about decline in study of biodiversity and its loss. We are losing things we don't even know we are losing (but God does)

Historical affects of war on climate - short, interesting piece, will chase up paper and blog more.

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