Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Small award

Just got into the mail today a couple of copies of Witness: The voice of Victorian Baptists which includes my article in their November edition on stewardship. I wrote about the present ecological crisis, our need to manage both ecology and economy (both coming from the Greek word oikos which means household and reflects their unity under God.

I didn't (and neither should you) balk from the term stewardship, at least the idea if not the word. Humans are powerful and were made to rule, while at the same time Job and Psalm 104 should teach us humility. Romans 8 tells us creation shares in our hope, marking out with Gensis 1 the biblical narrative from creation to new creation.

For my efforts I won their monthly award, a gift voucher from Bunnings. It will of course have to be a plant (likely native) in keeping with the theme of the piece I wrote.

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