Friday, November 26, 2010

The odd reason to despair

One of the key things to addressing the issues we face about creation care and its abuse is hope. I keep seeing reasons not to in everyday life, simple acts of arrogance or stupidity.

I saw a man who must have been in his 50s or 60s, gray haired and just got out of a tradesman's van. He had a drink from a convenience store (slurpy or some such). He just three it into the gutter. I mean honestly, such casual disregard has always annoyed me. How can we address pollution, be it greenhouse gases or other if people can't be bothered to keep a street clean? As a small child I always carried things like icey pole sticks to a bin - well raised I guess.

The other was a car sticker that insisted that public land meant that all people had access to it. It was a large 4WD, which of course uses lots of fuel and hence produces lots of green house gases. Did this person mean their 4WD despite the impacts, or horses in the high country? Would they obect to fishing reserves to help stocks replenish? Sometimes fair use means no use. The tragedy of the commons means people insist on their 'rights'. What about responsiblities as well?

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